The Widerquist Family 1779-Present

                  Family Tree, seven generations born 1779 to 1999
                  Family Reunion Photo, August 16, 2002

Family Members and Links

The family of JoAnn and Allan Widerquist

Karl Phillip Widerquist (b. February 7, 1965), web site:

Timothy Allan Widerquist (b. February 23, 1964) web site:

Kristine Widerquist Bosler (Kristine Lousie Widerquist, b. August 8, 1963)

JoAnn G. Widerquist (b. JoAnn A. Gluesenkamp, May 13, 1931)
                  married: Allan L. Widerquist, April 29, 1961
                  children: Kristine Louise, Timothy Allan, and Karl Philip

Allan Leonard Widerquist (December 11, b. 1928)
                  married: JoAnn A. Gluesenkamp, April 29, 1961
                  children: Kristine Louise, Timothy Allan, and Karl Philip

The family of Leonard and Ophelia Widerquist

Ophelia (Anderson) Widerquist (July 24 1899 - July 1983) and
                  Nicknames: “Phele,” “Gram”
married: Leonard J. Widerquist, June 19, 1926
children: Allan Leonard Widerquist

Leonard Joseph Widerquist (January 31, 1902 - December 30, 1989)
                  In-depth newspaper article 1976
                  Shorter Chicago Tribune article 1976
                  Nicknames: “Pompom,” “Uncle Lenny”
married: Ophelia Christine Anderson, June 19, 1926
children: Allan Leonard Widerquist

Johan and Emma Widerquist and their Eleven children

Johan Gottrid Widerqvist (1858-c. 1950)
                  Nickname: “John”
                  Married: Emma Rydvall (1858-c. 1950)
                  Children: Ellen, b.
                                    Lillian, b. March 31, 1889
                                    Ruth, b.
                                    Elsie, b
                                    Gerda, b. February 27, 1897
                                    Myrtle Charlotte, b. November 8, 1899
                                    Leonard Joseph, b. January 31, 1902
                                    Reuben, b.

Ellen (Widerquist) Hannibal
                  married. ____________Hannibal
                  children: Lester Hannibal
                                    married: Marie Parrish
                                    children: Larry Hannibal, last known address Florida or South Carolina

Lillian Widerquist-Carlson
born: March 31, 1889
married: Harry Turner Carlson
                  died: January 21, 1989 (99 years of age)
children: Robert Jerome, d. ______
                                    Jean, d ______
                                    Raymond Wickstrom, d. ______
                                    married Patricia O’Malley
                                                      Children: Elizabeth, Catherine and Robert

Ruth Widerquist

Elsie Widerquist

Gerda (Widerquist) Carlson
                  born: February 27, 1897
                  married: Bertel Ephraim Carlson
died: February 23, 1972
                                    children: Rodger B. Carlson

Myrtle (Widerquist) Skogland
Bron: November 8, 1899
                  Married: Ragner Emanuel Skogland
                  Died: August 25, 1930
Children: Carolyn Jean Skogland Franzel, b. August 25, 1930

Leonard Joseph Widerquist (see above)

Reuben Widerquist (December 29, 1903, died March 1989)
                  Nickname: “Boob”
married: Aileen (Carlson) Widerquist (b. February 4, 1912, died October 1994)
children: John
                  Thomas (b. February 17, 1947, died in Vietnam May 3, 1972)

Three others children died before reaching adulthood