Other Work Experience

Before becoming an economist I had several interesting jobs: 

  • Bicycle Messenger in New York City.
  • Office Temp in New York City. (This included everything from folding shirts at Sach's Fifth Ave. to answering the telephone at the New Yorker. Incidentally, nowhere did I find the coffee to be as bad as at the New York office of the NBER.)
  • Pizza Delivery Driver in Indiana, Illinois, and California.
  • Runner for the Iowa Grain Company at the Chicago Board of Trade. (On Black Monday in 1987, I worked 15 hours and split my pants.)
  • Night Dishwasher at Denny's in Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois.
  • Bus Surveyor in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (This involved riding the city buses and counting the people who got on an off at each stop.)
  • Dishwasher at the Diamond Harbor Inn in Cassopolis, Michigan.
  • McDonald's Employee in Elkheart, Indiana (Specializing in the fish frier).
  • Farmer's Helper, Dowagiac, Michigan.
  • Freelance Lawn Mower in Cassopolis, Michigan.

  • Paperboy for the South Bend Tribune in Cassopolis, Michigan.